Whatever happened to holly and snowflakes?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas is coming fast! (A little too fast, actually!) I love this time of year: the smells, the lights, the snow (unless you live in Utah-Ha!) the love, the joy, the excitement. Kelly and I decorated our house all festive, and filled it with Christmas candles....love it! We still have yet to buy a REAL tree, that's the next thing on the list to do. Hopefully this weekend! (Please pray that Sam won't chew on it, demolish it, knock it over, or pee on it!) We have a little tradition of getting a new ornament every year to adorn our tree. Hopefully 30 years from now it will be so original and "us"-something we can cherish, enjoy and have to remind us of the fun memories of our journey as a family. (Sidenote: this is what my parents' tree looks like. It has so many different ornaments from all of their years together, and to top it off....a homemade star that I made when I was about 5 years old! --At least, I think it's a star!-- Their tree is one of my favorite parts of Christmas!) In my quest for some cool Christmas ornaments, and decorations I came across some not-so-traditional...and quite creepy Christmas decorations. Deck the halls with......Eek!

I'm pretty sure this Santa was drinking something other than milk with his cookies. What is in that gold package, anyway?

Did I miss the part in the Bible where the manger scene was at a KFC?
Nightmares in Evergreen.

One of Santa's elves gone VERY astray.

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a pile of poop hanging from the boughs of your tree.

Did this Santa tie the other Santa up? He's looking a little mischevious, isn't he? This brings new light to the song "He sees you when you're sleeping...." Eek!

This ornament needs no explanation. Pure creepiness. What is it, anyway?

What is this little elf thinking? He's probably been hanging out with the creepy, kidnapping Santa above.

What a beautiful mantle-piece. Any takers?

I am beginning to understand how penguins feel

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Penguins happen to be Kelly's favorite animal....yes, the awkwardly shaped, funny looking, waddley little creatures. What a funny idea, to create penguins. Next to the duck-billed platypus, I think they are one of the weirdest little animals. However, I now understand why Kelly likes me in my current state: I am awkwardly shaped, a little funny looking, and a waddley walker. Perhaps God created penguins so that pregnant women could have something to empathize with, or maybe use for reference on days of excessive awkwardness? Whatever the reason, I welcome Week 28 of pregnancy and all of the joys and hardships that come with it, including being confused with a penguin.

Housing the "little one" truly has been so much fun. I love feeling him wiggle inside of me, and miss the hours of absence when he's resting...(I'll admit, I have poked him a few times, just so he would poke back and entertain me!....Sshhh....don't call Child Protective Services!) Kelly and I have been learning a lot and preparing for the arrival of our little baby boy. There is so much I have yet to learn, and I am sure that 99% of that will come from experience, but it's hard not to get a little nervous about being completely and utterly responsible for the life of another human being. Kelly has been the absolute most amazing husband and friend during my pregnancy. He has cherished my expanding waistline, tickled my sore back, held my hair when my head was lodged in the toilet-puking up breakfast, lunch, or dinner...take your pick, and NOT ONCE called me a "crazy, hormonal, moody, grumpy, pregnant lady" when I am a crazy, hormonal, moody, grumpy, pregnant lady. What a guy! Thank you Kelly for loving me in my hormonal nuttiness! These last 28 weeks have been pure joy, (with a little exhaustion and sickness mixed in there!) I look forward to 12 more weeks of penuin waddles, and even moreso, the arrival of the little bambino, whom will be cry-free, poop-free, and have his own job by the time he's one, I'm sure of it! And I promise, I won't poke him to play with me once he's here!