4 states, 4 days

Monday, October 15, 2007

...and we're back. Since late night departure Wednesday we have been on the road. 1,600 + miles, over 27 hours, 12 Snapples, and two bags of sunflower seeds later and we are home. Its good in many ways, saddening in others. I enjoy the open road. I do not enjoy the constant sitting and uncomfortableness of prolonged travel. A couple hours in a car, and next time we stop for gas I turn into Rice Crispies. I enjoy the feel of my own bed after a long vacation from it. I sleep sooo much better at home.

Wednesday night we stopped in Las Vegas to visit briefly with my Aunt and Uncle who live there. They have a gorgeous home and they are so wonderful to spend time with. They have incredible wisdom to share and are a ton of fun.

Early Thursday it was off to Azusa, California to visit Azusa Pacific University. We arrived toured the campus briefly and stopped in to meet with the Nursing school advising staff. Shelli made friends at the bookstore, we toured some art galleries and called it a day. Azusa has a beautiful campus nestled up near the foothills of the "mountains" just northeast of Los Angeles. We found our hotel and enjoyed a quiet lazy night of pizza and hot tubs before bed. Tomorrow... San Diego.

San Diego was a blast as well. After taking a leisurely drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, enjoying the scenery and Oceanside beach along the way, we had to backtrack our way to our hotel. Quick change clothes and out the door to downtown San Diego for David Crowder live at the House of Blues. Incredible. We enjoyed dinner (Well, at least I did, there was not much on the menu for Shelli unfortunately, but we figured it out) at the House of Blues, which got us early entry into the show. We spent the entire night soaking up the sweat and spit of the musicians. Good times. It was amazing to see a band like the David Crowder Band live. I noticed of the six guys on stage only two didn't play three or more instruments during the show. Throughout the duration of the set we saw guitars, drums, bass, keyboards (3), the keytar, cello, electric violin, various sound effect devices, banjo, and (my personal favorite) a... get this... modified guitar hero guitar. I can't write the words to explain this, you'll have to ask. Following the show it was quickly back to the hotel and into bed. We were asleep in less than seconds.

Saturday was back to Vegas, we left midday and got in around three. We spent the evening with my Aunt and Uncle out at an Italian Grill restaurant called Carrabbas. Pretty tasty. Then we headed back to my Aunt and Uncles before taking off down to the Strip for a comedy show at Harrah's. OK, not great, but still fun. Back to the house, off to bed.

We enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning at my Aunt and Uncle's. Shelli woke up, moved from the bed to the couch, slept, woke up, moved from the couch to the truck, and slept as we drove home. We got out at about 3pm, and would've been home around 8-9ish if not for the 2 hour delay in the Virgin River gorge in Arizona. There is a fifteen minute (30 min. both ways) stretch of road through Arizona on this entire trip and we spent a total of three hours on it. Not funny.

Now we are home, back at work, and thats the story.


Jen said...

Oooh, the beach. I'm envious. Looks like a fun trip. I like the feet shot especially...and a shot with sunflare that you took just by holding the camera out...very impressive. :) I've always wanted to try Carabbas.

Kali said...

So much fun, and such great skills kelly, I wish I had your camera and photo shop/ design skills here in Croatia so I could have sweet photos too. I think if ya'll move to Cali then Kali is going to have to follow! Hey tell Shells I found out Waterfall in Croatian is Slap, said Slahp. So I'm Kali Slap. I'm glad it was a good trip and you could somewhat relax. Love to the Johnsons!