We're Moving!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No, not like that... just the blog. With a recent foray of blogger and personal web domain issue we are transitioning our entire blog over to Wordpress. Don't worry we're still easy to find at http://jfamilyblog.wordpress.com. Eventually we'll work on password protecting our site, but until then you can read and follow along just as rarely as before - since we never post anything. By the way how is this for the most lame blog update after a four month hiatus?

This also means that any of you that currently have an email for Shelli or I that point to the @keldesignonline.com address is now utterly useless, so delete that from your address book.

That's all for now. More to come, but not here. No more to come here - ever. More there, so go there. Hurry, go now. Stop reading and do it already. No really, nothing past this point is worth reading. Stop. Now. Fine, I am not typing any more then, that'll show you. I'm done. No more. Starting right... n_

date night

Monday, February 22, 2010

Funny thing happens when you get married. You tend to go out less. Not because you're less in love, or because you don't want to make the effort anymore, but mainly because instead of having to make plans to spend some quality time together, you're always around each other, thus lowering the necessity and expectation to "go out" but not eliminating it.

When we were first married Shelli and I actually went out pretty regularly, despite this fact.

When you have kids - this is when things really change. Its at this point you transition from going out less, to desperately needing a night out. Now all the time you have is shared with a little one and in order to exit your home to go anywhere it requires a massive procession of tasks lists and check-marks:

"Hey, Honey, did you get the sippy-cup?"
"Don't forget the wipes!"
"Did you remember the toys?" (I'll come back to this one.)
"Did you grab his food?"

And so on. The list can be so long and exhaustive that you are guaranteed two things: you will be late and you will forget something.

So anytime someone comes along and says "Hey, if you guys want a night out just let us know." You both look at each other with that inquisitive "You think they're serious?" perplexity on your face. This is also why when anyone calls back moments later and says "How about next Saturday?" and you have it free, you gasp with excitement and dance around your living room like you're in a Steve Carrell comedy, all the while trying not to let on to the person on the other end of the phone.

So, thank you David and Liz for your overwhelming generosity and persistence, it was an enormous blessing and overwhelmingly needed.

Last Saturday, David and Liz watched Noah for us so we could have a little date night. Which when you haven't been out together in a while can kind of fall apart, but more on that later.

After packing up the Noah and racing through the checklist, making sure to check everything and be certain we forgot nothing, we raced off to drop Noah off at David and Liz's. We of course were running drastically late, not guarantee number one. As we traveled down Bangerter Highway and turned left to head to our destination we both came to a startling realization: yes, we forgot the toys (note guarantee number two). Oh well, too late now. Fortunately, David and Liz had plenty of plastic kitchen utensils, so everything was fine.

After we dropped off Noah, we went out for a nice dinner and a to take in a movie. We first headed over to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner (all to be covered by gift certificates) but instead realize that in our delay we had overrun our time and wouldn't be able to make it there in time, nor back to the movie. So, we settled on a subpar salad bar from Ruby Tuesday in Jordan Landing where we would be seeing our movie. That is, until we realized that our movie gift certificates wouldn't apply there, so we adapted once again and hurried over to the District to catch a movie. Minus some upset stomachs and poor driving, which provided for some funny dialogue, everything worked out nicely. We saw the Blindside, which we both thoroughly enjoyed, and headed on over to pick up the Little Man, before we called it a night.

While nothing went as planned, and the overall night would statistically be considered a failure based on things that went the way they were suppose to, we had a great time and it was so nice to be able to spend some time together just the two of us. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our lives that we forget to let the ones we love the most, know how much we love them, by just spending time with them and honestly, there is probably nothing more important that we will ever do with our time.

Thanks David and Liz, we needed that.

and... we're off...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

So much has transpired in the past few days... wait... weeks... I mean months since we last updated you about the comings and goings of our life via this blog.

A few holidays passed, a lock-in, a new year, some birthdays, nursing school began and we had some "new" stuff, whether it occurred or it was obtained. Let me briefly recap.

Since the end of 2009, I wrapped up the annual youth New Year's Eve Lock-in, went comatose for a day - panicking Shelli for a brief moment when I failed to resurface in a timely manner - recovered and returned to the daily grind. Shelli's birthday came and we celebrated the wonderful quarter-century turn of the clock as Shelli went from college student to well... college student, but more mature and sophisticated.

As I alluded to, Shelli is full-swing into Nursing school and life is a blurry mess of studying, tests, baby firsts and baby lasts, work, and a pinch of sleep in there somewhere. She is performing incredibly having scored well-above the class average on all her tests and, despite the exhausting downside, she is loving it.

I am going through a ton of learning and transition at work as we continue to grow at Capital and the organizations changes I can feel my role and job portfolio shifting. I am not sure exactly where it will end up in the immediate future, I am however very certain that in the long-term I will become more of a Creative Director than a designer/youth leader. As much as it saddens me to think of my role with the youth decreasing, I know it will by far be the best in the end. Other than that I have enjoyed a short-term increased role in teaching and running youth on Wednesday nights, while the group continues to grow and amaze me in their personal spiritual growth.

Little man is growing like a tree. Compared to the clothes we first brought him home from the hospital in, he seems to be a redwood. A very fast redwood. We at one point were convinced Noah would be walking before crawling and then one day he decided that there was too much to discover to wait for that. Noah loves to walk around all over the place while you hold his hand (though he is a little wary of releasing his kung fu grip from your finger), but don't you even think of sitting down and taking a breather, he has no tolerance for such laziness and will be screaming you back to your feet like an angry football coach before the big game. If for some crazy reason you decide you just can go any further, he will resort to speed-crawling his way across the floor. Don't even think about taking a bathroom break unless you tie him down because he'll be in the next state.

In addition to the quick transition to crawling and hand-held walking, he is almost fully onto solid foods (eating only the occasional formula bottle now) which he loves to eat while sitting high in the high chair that Papa Gary custom made for him.

Noah loves to play and is fascinated by balloons, which he affectionately calls "booon" or "Bwah" which sounds almost like a grunt. he still shouts "dadadada" and has added high pitched screaming and grunting to the mix, though at all times he is really referring to Mama, whose arms he would always prefer to be in. He still loves to cuddle and is sleeping wonderfully through the night in his own room in his crib.

He likes to roll around in his walker and loves, loves Gerber Graduate Puffs and any food made of or with fruit. Although, as expected vegetables don't carry the same appeal. He's learned to clap and has no reservation applauding his accomplishments. Along with his likes and dislikes he has become the most curious and adventurous little fella I have ever seen and I can't forget to mention one of his favorite games he has discovered. We'll call it Keep Away. This involves Noah holding out some object, usually a puff, until you reach for it and, at the last second, pulling it swiftly back into his body far away from any of your pursuing fingers. He will then return his hand to the out-stretched position, as if trying to tempt and entice you to have another try, all the while repeating the original process to the tune of his happy little laugh.

Well, january has passed and we're half-way through February. We spent some time in California with Shelli's family in January, but I will let her update you on that journey soon. In addition, there are a few more things to tell you about, but rather than catch up on everything in one blog, we'll just try to blog again sooner, rather than later.

The end of 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Thanks to our loyal readers who have suffered through our empty posts. We have a lot of catching up to do, so here goes in a nutshell:
Thanksgiving: Our little family packed up and went to Moab to celebrate the holiday with Kelly’s parents. We had an amazing dinner, prepared by Kelly’s mom, and the rest of his family. I must admit, I did such a fine job of chopping up the celery for the stuffing. Don’t you forget it! Noah had a bad cold and had a hard time eating sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes that we made. The poor little man was pretty miserable, but was a trooper through it all. We enjoyed conversing with Kelly’s family from Moab, Las Vegas, and Grand Junction.
Accepted!!!: I have been accepted to join the 2012 School of Nursing Class at Westminster College. I begin classes on January 5th, at which point my life will become hectic, and chaos will commence. (Did I mention things will get a bit crazy?) My program is 5 semesters long, and I will receive my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. (Hooray for another bachelors!! HA!)
Christmas this year was truly great. It was Noah’s first Christmas, and this time of year is SO much more fun and enchanting when a little one is around. Noah is so spoiled by his grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends, (and maybe a little by us too!) He got so many toys that we had to set some aside, as not to over-stimulate him. We went to Christmas Eve service, which I really enjoyed. Noah chatted a bit during the service, but was very good. Christmas morning we spent with our little family, opening our stockings and presents from Santa. We then went to my parents house, in which my dad made us breakfast, and we opened presents with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephew. Noah was really tired on Christmas morning and didn’t quite understand the concept of opening presents, but he enjoyed it nonetheless.
My mom’s birthday is the day after Christmas, but this year I decided not to participate in the festivities. :( I awoke with a migraine that I was not able to control, so my wonderful mom and dad and took Noah on her birthday while Kelly and I went to the Emergency Room. (Thanks mom and dad!) We spent 6 hours medicating my brain, and went home to sleep off the rest of it. I was so bummed and frustrated, and I owe birthday dinner to my mom. Happy Birthday to you mom!
2009 has been a year of ups, downs, frustrations, excitements, bliss, and exhaustion. This year has been a true blessing, as this is the year we received our little man, whom we cherish and love. Kelly and I have grown so much in our marriage. We have been stretched, and have had to rely on each other more than ever. We look forward to 2010 and the adventures it will bring. Thanks to all of our family and friends that have made 2009 a very memorable year. Here’s to 2010!

The following are a whole bunch of random pics that make me smile to look at!

I probably deserve the "Mom of the Year" award for letting Noah play with my undies while I fold laundry! Distraction is GREAT when it comes to getting chores done!

Christmas shopping at the mall, disguised as a penguin.

He won't go anywhere without his thumb!

Showing off his top "snaggle tooth" He now has 2 1/2 teeth on top!

Chubbers and daddy playing

Sad baby showing off his two bottom teeth. Nana Pam is so proud!

Noah loves bathtime!

Smiley Chub!

Remember when...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Remember when we posted blogs? Remember when we promised a blog post from Hawaii? Remember when we were looking forward to vacation, not remembering it? Remember two months ago when the blog never showed up? Well, I have some promises to keep, even if they are overdue...

I would just like to clarify that I wrote this blog on October 12th, just after we returned from Hawaii. Unfortunately, given the extremely convenient usability of Blogger I only had to upload the photos and post, piece of cake, right? (Please note the sarcasm of the usability issue.) So, after several agonizing uploading hours and without further adieu, I give you... Hawaii...

[Okay, blog update. Despite my efforts the photos would not load correctly. You'll have to read on without, but you can check out the gallery of photos here]

After Noah's first plane ride, a straight shot six hour flight from Salt Lake City to Honolulu (which he did great on, by the way), we settled into the Hotel where Pam and Gary had already been for a couple of days. Pam was in Hawaii for a dental convention so we got to tag along and play while she enjoyed the interiors of conference rooms for the first few days. After claiming our bed and getting situated we headed down for an obligatory trip down one of Hawaii's most crowded beaches at Waikiki. We watched a beautiful sunset and then headed back for some much needed sleep.

Day two was marked by an amazing tour all the way around O'ahu with tour guide Gary while Pam was stuck with more of those conference rooms and dental speak. The tour was capped with sights of North shore, the Dole plantation, Pali Highway and the Nu'uanu Pali lookout where King Kamehameha I staged one of the bloodiest battles in Hawaiian history as he conquered the island of O'ahu.

That was all in the afternoon however. The morning was all about Pearl Harbor. We took tours of the USS Arizona Memorial, the USS Missouri (site of the end of WWII) and Shelli even snagged a tour of the USS Bowfin Submarine. See the story goes, that while us law abiding citizens (Gary, Noah and myself) toured the small museum of WWII torpedos and weaponry Shelli snuck a free tour of the USS Bowfin while nobody was looking. Apparently she completed the tour unabated; however when Noah and I chased after her we were quickly halted and sent packing the other way be the security forces.

The tours of the USS Arizona and USS Missouri were incredible. It is amazing to be out there and see the places where all these stories took place. The heroism and strength of all those involved takes ones breathe away. The oil still bubbles out from the USS Arizona all these years later.

Day three we traveled again. We island hopped our way over to Maui where Shelli's grandparents have a time share they were more than generous enough to let us stay in. We were only a short walk away from the beach and it was such a great location. WE settled in and took off to the store to grab some grub for the week. THis turned out to be a little bit more of an adventure than we anticipated. We knew things would be more expensive in Hawaii, just not that expensive. I fail to understand how people can afford to live there, whew! $8 for a package of cheese. $6 for milk. ouch. Fortunately, after offering up our second and third born children we were able to discover that a short distance away in Kahului there is a Costco and Walmart which make things a little more affordable.

Our condo was in a little town called Kihei on the west side of the island. Day four we drove south and toured the west side beaches wn snorkeled around the reefs. We had a great time swimmin' with the fishes and kickin' bakc with the sea turtles. Its incredible what you can see out there on a clear day. After snorkeling to our heart's content we called it a day and headed back for some sleep. Mind you we still hadn't quite adjusted to the time change so it was only like 6pm when we'd all go to bed, but we also were up and rolling at like 5am.

Day five we decided to brave the road to Hana, a 68 mile "3 hour" drive along the north coast of Maui. We started out early in the morning making all our fun little stops along the way. We hiked up to Twin Falls where some gentlemen selling bowls and hats made form leaves fo some local plants made Shelli adn Pam a flower and Noah a little fishy. We proceeded along the road to Hana stopping occasionally to check out the sites including waterfalls, overlooks, the black sand beaches and lava tunnels at Waianapanapa State Park, and Hamoa beach for some body surfing before turning back and heading home. All in all our 3 hour drive took about 9 hours start to finish. But in defense of the inaccurate information I am pretty sure Gary got us home in like two hours. Nice driving. We went out fro a bite to eat at Moose McGillycuddy's and called it a night.

Though exhausting the road to Hana was a blast. The beaches were beautiful, the body surfing at Hamoa was a blast and the views were incredible. Probably won't be jumping on the bandwagon for round two anytime soon though.

The next morning we went out and rented a paddle board form one of the local shops. Just so you are in the loop this is a slightly larger surfboard you stand on with a paddle and paddle around the water near the beaches. We spent the day doing some paddle boarding and hanging out at the beaches. The paddle board was a blast you can just sit back and enjoy a calm relaxing paddle through the waters as you look below and survey the marine life, or your can paddle right into a wave and ride it in.

Shelli went the entire trip up to this point without a migraine, so thank God for that! It was wonderful to have soem time away with no headaches. Unfortunately that abruptly came to an end that night which led to a not-so-memorable seventh day. Day seven we went out in the morning and did some more paddle boarding before we had to return the board. Shelli and I both had a chance to paddle around with a sea turtle. It was amazing. He just hung around on the surface of the water swimming his was around the board as popped his head in and out of the water. After that we sent Pam and Gary out for some fun on the town while I stayed behind with Noah and took care of Mommy. By the afternoon Shelli had decided that she wasn't going to take any more from the headache and we headed out Lahaina just North of where we were staying. Lahaina is a beautiful little whaling town. Much more touristy than where we were staying, but a lot of fun. We walked around the old Banyan Tree and grabbed some dinner from a little Mexican restaurant. We hopped up to Ka'anapali and caught the sunset before heading back. We shot some photos of lil' Noah on the beach at sunset. What an absolutely unforgettable sunset, it was indescribable.

Day Eight we drove up to Haleakala, one of the volcano craters of Maui, and took a stroll around. Its a surreal place being 10,000 ft above sea level on an island. The views were a little masked by the cloud cover but it was still amazing to see. With all the lava rock and little vegetation you felt like you were on another planet. From there we kicked back a little and got the last little bit out of the snorkels and boogie boarding that we could. We toured a few more beaches and ended up landing at Big Beach for the day. Big Beach, along with being the largest undeveloped white sand beach on Maui, is the sight of several neck injuries which we quickly discovered that day. We bolted out to have soem fun on the boogie boards and in one commanding crash of a wave both Gary and I lost our glasses. I managed to locate mine a short while later buried in the sands and the bottom of the crashing waves, and then continued to look for Gary's (A little nicer and more expensive than mine) before I could find anything I was mauled by another ave which ended up popping then lenses out of my glasses that were in my hand. I conceded to return to the shore to discard the glasses and return to the search. eventually we spotted Gary's glasses, deciding it was either a stingray or his glasses. Thankfully (on several levels) it was his glasses. I spent some more time being pummeled by waves (Shelli tried too, but was immediately smashed by a couple waves too.) before tiring out and we packed up and headed home for the day.

After packing up a few things and getting some sleep we woke up ready for our last day, simply hoping that it wasn't really true. After spending the morning working through all the possible logistics of how not to come home and move to Hawaii, we resigned ourselves to having to coem home and darted out for some last minute snorkeling, turned in all our gear, got a delicious final bite to eat at the Five Palms, packed up, grabbed the final souvenirs and caught our flight back to Honolulu at 10pm. In Honolulu we had a short layover where we snagged a quick bite to eat with Shelli's Great Aunt and Uncle barely caught our next flight, switched planes in Portland and landed in SLC at 1pm on Sunday.

All in all, it was a much needed and wonderful vacation. Just need to figure out when we are going again now.

Thanks for waiting...

one big baby

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 3rd marked Noah's 6 month mark. (Yes, this means I am precisely 8 days behind on my blogging, and 6 months behind on my sleep.) The last month has been one of big milestones and accomplishments. All in one week Noah learned to sit on his own, he sprouted his first tooth, he learned to say "Dadadadadadada", and he became a steam roller, rolling like a rockstar. That makes for two happy parents, one goofy baby, and one dumbfounded dog. (Sam thinks we are the biggest dufuses ever when we cheer at Noah and his ability to roll over. After all, it only took him about a week of training to master the task!)
We took Noah in for his 6 month check-up and here's the stats:
Height: 28 inches (93rd Percentile)
Weight: 18 pounds (61st Percentile....He's thinning out!)
Head Circumference: 17.9 inches (91st Percentile)

Noah is a healthy and happy little man, and we have absolutely loved these past 6 months of watching him grow (albeit a little TOO fast!)

the best remedy

Monday, August 17, 2009

One of my favorite things in this entire world is the laughter of my boy. The last week plus has been extremely difficult filled with setbacks, trials, bad news and poor developments. I'll spare you the details, mostly because they are not the point. But, as I sat on the couch with Noah today laughing and playing I was reminded of how much I love those moments. Despite everything that is not good its so refreshing to have that, even if it is just a moment. 

Noah had been growing fast. He is already five months old, though you would never know it. He sports his 9 month clothing like it were going out of style. Our liitle boy is a very big boy, that why we have affectionately dubbed him Samoa Noah (We have decided that he is albino Samoan - from my side of course). He loves to laugh and play, especially with his little cow that I have dubbed Milford. It seems to be his favorite toy, though he is starting to enjoy some of his other toys too. He is almost rolling over, practically sitting up on his own and is amazingly curious. He is always reaching out for things and investigating everything around him. He is enjoying his Rice cereal though Shelli and I both think it might be time for even more solids as anytime we have something to eat he stares our food down like its high noon at an old western showdown.

I love my little boy. These past few moths have been crazy busy but some of the most amazing of my life. It has been so much fun watching Noah grow and discover the world around him. For right now I owe Noah a bit of gratitude for bringing me some joy when I needed it most this week. I even thought I would share it with you...

Feeding by Osmosis?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Instead of ingesting his rice cereal, we like to smear it across every available square inch of his body. We have a theory that he will receive the nutrients via osmosis. Okay, so maybe not. It's just part of being a baby, and it sure makes for a cute pic!

Top 10 Reasons why we haven't been blogging/Why we're slackers

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The month of July has come and gone, and our poor little blog has been ignored. Sorry about the lack of posts, we have definitely been staying busy, playing outside, and enjoying the summertime! Here’s the Top Ten Reasons why we haven't been blogging!

Reason #10
We celebrated the 4th of July at Snowbird Ski Resort. It was beautiful, and we were able to catch up with a lot of friends from college at USU. We sure do miss them!

Reason #9
We’re going to be an aunt and uncle and cousin again! Adrienne is PREGO! They are expecting Baby #2 at the end of February! Be praying for a healthy and happy momma and baby!

Reason #8
Kelly and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary! Wow, how time flies. This year was a little less eventful than last year….(Remember, we found out that I was prego with Noah on our one year anniversary! Surprise!!! No more babies to report this year….that we know of at least! HA!) Kelly and I both took the day off of work, and spent the day with our little family. I had a terrible headache the entire day, so I ended up being a bit of a slug, but we enjoyed ourselves, nevertheless. My parents took Noah for the evening (thanks mom and dad!) and Kelly I headed up to Park City to enjoy dinner together at Zoom. It was delicious, and we really enjoyed some time with each other. Anniversaries (and marriage, for that matter) are definitely different when there’s a baby! We picked up Little Man, got ice cream on the way home, and enjoyed our day of celebrating two years.

Reason #7
We celebrated the 24th of July with my parents and the Lansings…(well, we actually celebrated the 25th of July!....Hooray for the Mormons coming to Utah…..yesterday!) We had fireworks and dinner, and enjoyed my dad’s biannual fireworks dance. Yes, my dad dances. On the 4th and 24th we see his talent for interpretative dance. It is quite spectacular actually. I’m not sure if I enjoy the fireworks or my dad’s pirouettes more!

Reason #6
Kelly went to Denver for a week. He led the Capital Youth Missions team to Colorado for some good times, and to share the love of Jesus! He headed up the team of 11 youth and 3 other leaders. Kelly’s group of 4 youth spent the week serving in an assisted living home. He came back with some fabulous stories of really neat people! (I feel like he should post about his experience, because I can’t do it justice!) Noah and I really missed him, but he gave us a little gift to open each day while he was gone, and prepared a video for us to watch each night before we went to bed. Noah LOVED seeing his daddy! Each night I would feed him, give him his little massage, and then start the video, and he would get so excited to see Kelly!

Reason #5
While Kelly was gone for a week, we stayed super busy! We went to lunch with Kali to say farewell as she heads off to Denver seminary, went to a horse show with Nana, celebrated Poppa’s birthday (Happy 55 DAD!!!), went to Cowabunga Bay water park with Nana, Poppa, Aunt Adrienne, and Ty-Ty, went to dinner with Rachel, and went to a Relay for Life for our little friend Lola. I met Lola at Primary Children’s where she is a patient. She was diagnosed with cancer of her eye (retinoblastoma) when she was merely 7 months old. She had had dozens of chemotherapy treatments, surgeries, and examinations, and has been CANCER FREE for over a year! She is now two years old and full of LIFE! Lola and her family have become really great friends, and we were honored to be a part of her Relay for Life team! This was such a success, and raised so much money for cancer research for the American Cancer Society! If any of you want to get involved with Relay for Life, or would like to donate to the American Cancer Society, let me know! Amazing things are happening here.

My dad with Tyler on my dad's birthday.

Noah and Shelli floating the lazy river at the water park.

Worn out after a wild day at the waterpark.

Fun times at Daybreak pool.

Playing at Kearns pool with AD and Ty.

Shelli & Lola (AKA: Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire!) at Relay for Life.

Reason #4
Kelly came back home, we had just enough time to give him a hug and kiss, and he hit the ground running! He’s so busy with work, and is in overdrive to get videos, graphics, pictures, etc. etc. done. We are happy to have him home though!

Reason #3
I am starting with a new neurologist. My migraines have been absolutely out-of-control, and my friend Trina referred me to this new doctor. Neurology clinics don’t really know what to do with migraine patients, and therefore, we kind of get the run-around when it comes to treatment. My current treatment was obviously not working, so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try a new doctor. He has such a passion for treating migraine patients, and suffers from migraines himself, so he gets it and has an incredible amount of compassion and sympathy for this blasted ailment. Please pray for some relief, and that this new physician would get me on a treatment plan that is more successful.

Reason #2
We just booked tickets to go to Hawaii! We will be going at the beginning of October, and can’t wait to feel the sand between our toes! We will go to Oahu for a few days. (Kelly and I would really like to see Pearl Harbor), and then head to Maui for a week. We are meeting up with my parents, who will be there for my mom’s national dental convention. (What a bummer, huh? Her work sends her to Hawaii for a darn business trip! ) This will be Noah’s first plane ride, and biggest vacation, so far. Maybe he will learn to surf while we’re there! Eh?

Reason #1
Why would I want to be staring at a computer screen, when I could be playing with this cute face instead!?

Phew, I feel justified now!

4 months young!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Noah celebrates his 4th month of life today!

Here's his stats from the pediatrician:
Weight: 16.0 pounds (74 percentile)
Height: 27.5 inches (99 percentile)......TALL little man!
Head Circumference: 17.5 (90 percentile)

*Mommy and Daddy (of course!!!)
*Laughing and Smiling with daddy
*Cuddling with mommy
*Playing with (and eating) his toy cow
*Sitting up in his Bumbo
*Standing (when we try to make him sit he becomes stiff as a board...He insists on standing!)
*Walks in the stroller
*Leg Massages at night time
*Bath time
*Sucking his thumb
*Being tickled
*Being held
*Hiding small animals in his chins
*Being naked (that better change before he's a teenager!!!)

*The car seat
*Taking naps
*Being put down
*The wrong temperature of his milk. We didn't realize an infant could be so picky about food temp!
*Tummy Time (He just growls at us the entire time!)

Still trying to figure out:
*Rice Cereal (pushing all of that food to the back of the mouth and swallowing is hard work!)
*Sammy (also known as annoying furball!). Noah doesn't quite know what to think about him.
*He's trying to figure out his world by putting everything into his mouth! This includes anything from his body parts, to toys, cameras, anything!
*Rolling over

Noah and his cow!

How many chins can you count?