the best remedy

Monday, August 17, 2009

One of my favorite things in this entire world is the laughter of my boy. The last week plus has been extremely difficult filled with setbacks, trials, bad news and poor developments. I'll spare you the details, mostly because they are not the point. But, as I sat on the couch with Noah today laughing and playing I was reminded of how much I love those moments. Despite everything that is not good its so refreshing to have that, even if it is just a moment. 

Noah had been growing fast. He is already five months old, though you would never know it. He sports his 9 month clothing like it were going out of style. Our liitle boy is a very big boy, that why we have affectionately dubbed him Samoa Noah (We have decided that he is albino Samoan - from my side of course). He loves to laugh and play, especially with his little cow that I have dubbed Milford. It seems to be his favorite toy, though he is starting to enjoy some of his other toys too. He is almost rolling over, practically sitting up on his own and is amazingly curious. He is always reaching out for things and investigating everything around him. He is enjoying his Rice cereal though Shelli and I both think it might be time for even more solids as anytime we have something to eat he stares our food down like its high noon at an old western showdown.

I love my little boy. These past few moths have been crazy busy but some of the most amazing of my life. It has been so much fun watching Noah grow and discover the world around him. For right now I owe Noah a bit of gratitude for bringing me some joy when I needed it most this week. I even thought I would share it with you...