Feeding by Osmosis?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Instead of ingesting his rice cereal, we like to smear it across every available square inch of his body. We have a theory that he will receive the nutrients via osmosis. Okay, so maybe not. It's just part of being a baby, and it sure makes for a cute pic!


Aunt pat said...

You are correct! he is way cute!

allegri said...


It was soooooo great to see him & hold him today!!! Man he is soooo wiggly! (:

Beki said...

Hey Shelli! It was so nice to see you and Noah the other day! He is SO adorable.. I would hold him all day if I could! I'm jealous you guys are getting to go to Hawaii over that weekend! We would Totally be going...if it were last years convention...But this year, we've got some other plans so it's not going to work. I don't know if I answered your post or not- we do have a pool with our condo! We actually have 2.. one is about a 2 minute walk so it's great!