Top 10 Reasons why we haven't been blogging/Why we're slackers

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The month of July has come and gone, and our poor little blog has been ignored. Sorry about the lack of posts, we have definitely been staying busy, playing outside, and enjoying the summertime! Here’s the Top Ten Reasons why we haven't been blogging!

Reason #10
We celebrated the 4th of July at Snowbird Ski Resort. It was beautiful, and we were able to catch up with a lot of friends from college at USU. We sure do miss them!

Reason #9
We’re going to be an aunt and uncle and cousin again! Adrienne is PREGO! They are expecting Baby #2 at the end of February! Be praying for a healthy and happy momma and baby!

Reason #8
Kelly and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary! Wow, how time flies. This year was a little less eventful than last year….(Remember, we found out that I was prego with Noah on our one year anniversary! Surprise!!! No more babies to report this year….that we know of at least! HA!) Kelly and I both took the day off of work, and spent the day with our little family. I had a terrible headache the entire day, so I ended up being a bit of a slug, but we enjoyed ourselves, nevertheless. My parents took Noah for the evening (thanks mom and dad!) and Kelly I headed up to Park City to enjoy dinner together at Zoom. It was delicious, and we really enjoyed some time with each other. Anniversaries (and marriage, for that matter) are definitely different when there’s a baby! We picked up Little Man, got ice cream on the way home, and enjoyed our day of celebrating two years.

Reason #7
We celebrated the 24th of July with my parents and the Lansings…(well, we actually celebrated the 25th of July!....Hooray for the Mormons coming to Utah…..yesterday!) We had fireworks and dinner, and enjoyed my dad’s biannual fireworks dance. Yes, my dad dances. On the 4th and 24th we see his talent for interpretative dance. It is quite spectacular actually. I’m not sure if I enjoy the fireworks or my dad’s pirouettes more!

Reason #6
Kelly went to Denver for a week. He led the Capital Youth Missions team to Colorado for some good times, and to share the love of Jesus! He headed up the team of 11 youth and 3 other leaders. Kelly’s group of 4 youth spent the week serving in an assisted living home. He came back with some fabulous stories of really neat people! (I feel like he should post about his experience, because I can’t do it justice!) Noah and I really missed him, but he gave us a little gift to open each day while he was gone, and prepared a video for us to watch each night before we went to bed. Noah LOVED seeing his daddy! Each night I would feed him, give him his little massage, and then start the video, and he would get so excited to see Kelly!

Reason #5
While Kelly was gone for a week, we stayed super busy! We went to lunch with Kali to say farewell as she heads off to Denver seminary, went to a horse show with Nana, celebrated Poppa’s birthday (Happy 55 DAD!!!), went to Cowabunga Bay water park with Nana, Poppa, Aunt Adrienne, and Ty-Ty, went to dinner with Rachel, and went to a Relay for Life for our little friend Lola. I met Lola at Primary Children’s where she is a patient. She was diagnosed with cancer of her eye (retinoblastoma) when she was merely 7 months old. She had had dozens of chemotherapy treatments, surgeries, and examinations, and has been CANCER FREE for over a year! She is now two years old and full of LIFE! Lola and her family have become really great friends, and we were honored to be a part of her Relay for Life team! This was such a success, and raised so much money for cancer research for the American Cancer Society! If any of you want to get involved with Relay for Life, or would like to donate to the American Cancer Society, let me know! Amazing things are happening here.

My dad with Tyler on my dad's birthday.

Noah and Shelli floating the lazy river at the water park.

Worn out after a wild day at the waterpark.

Fun times at Daybreak pool.

Playing at Kearns pool with AD and Ty.

Shelli & Lola (AKA: Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire!) at Relay for Life.

Reason #4
Kelly came back home, we had just enough time to give him a hug and kiss, and he hit the ground running! He’s so busy with work, and is in overdrive to get videos, graphics, pictures, etc. etc. done. We are happy to have him home though!

Reason #3
I am starting with a new neurologist. My migraines have been absolutely out-of-control, and my friend Trina referred me to this new doctor. Neurology clinics don’t really know what to do with migraine patients, and therefore, we kind of get the run-around when it comes to treatment. My current treatment was obviously not working, so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try a new doctor. He has such a passion for treating migraine patients, and suffers from migraines himself, so he gets it and has an incredible amount of compassion and sympathy for this blasted ailment. Please pray for some relief, and that this new physician would get me on a treatment plan that is more successful.

Reason #2
We just booked tickets to go to Hawaii! We will be going at the beginning of October, and can’t wait to feel the sand between our toes! We will go to Oahu for a few days. (Kelly and I would really like to see Pearl Harbor), and then head to Maui for a week. We are meeting up with my parents, who will be there for my mom’s national dental convention. (What a bummer, huh? Her work sends her to Hawaii for a darn business trip! ) This will be Noah’s first plane ride, and biggest vacation, so far. Maybe he will learn to surf while we’re there! Eh?

Reason #1
Why would I want to be staring at a computer screen, when I could be playing with this cute face instead!?

Phew, I feel justified now!


allegri said...

Now that is a packed month!!!

I am praying for your sucky migraines to go away, never fun... :(

HAWAII!!! I love Hawaii, I can gaurentee your trip will be AMAZING!!!! Noah will love some beach time!

Noah is getting SOOOOOO big! I sure miss his smiley face in the nursery.... he best be coming back too see me soon! And thats an order! ;)

Are you still at PCMC? If so, a lunch date is needed ASAP!

<3 kate

Aunt Pat said...

Sounds as if you have been busy! Wow!Glad to hear your mom & dad are getting away. The need a vacation