The end of 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Thanks to our loyal readers who have suffered through our empty posts. We have a lot of catching up to do, so here goes in a nutshell:
Thanksgiving: Our little family packed up and went to Moab to celebrate the holiday with Kelly’s parents. We had an amazing dinner, prepared by Kelly’s mom, and the rest of his family. I must admit, I did such a fine job of chopping up the celery for the stuffing. Don’t you forget it! Noah had a bad cold and had a hard time eating sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes that we made. The poor little man was pretty miserable, but was a trooper through it all. We enjoyed conversing with Kelly’s family from Moab, Las Vegas, and Grand Junction.
Accepted!!!: I have been accepted to join the 2012 School of Nursing Class at Westminster College. I begin classes on January 5th, at which point my life will become hectic, and chaos will commence. (Did I mention things will get a bit crazy?) My program is 5 semesters long, and I will receive my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. (Hooray for another bachelors!! HA!)
Christmas this year was truly great. It was Noah’s first Christmas, and this time of year is SO much more fun and enchanting when a little one is around. Noah is so spoiled by his grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends, (and maybe a little by us too!) He got so many toys that we had to set some aside, as not to over-stimulate him. We went to Christmas Eve service, which I really enjoyed. Noah chatted a bit during the service, but was very good. Christmas morning we spent with our little family, opening our stockings and presents from Santa. We then went to my parents house, in which my dad made us breakfast, and we opened presents with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephew. Noah was really tired on Christmas morning and didn’t quite understand the concept of opening presents, but he enjoyed it nonetheless.
My mom’s birthday is the day after Christmas, but this year I decided not to participate in the festivities. :( I awoke with a migraine that I was not able to control, so my wonderful mom and dad and took Noah on her birthday while Kelly and I went to the Emergency Room. (Thanks mom and dad!) We spent 6 hours medicating my brain, and went home to sleep off the rest of it. I was so bummed and frustrated, and I owe birthday dinner to my mom. Happy Birthday to you mom!
2009 has been a year of ups, downs, frustrations, excitements, bliss, and exhaustion. This year has been a true blessing, as this is the year we received our little man, whom we cherish and love. Kelly and I have grown so much in our marriage. We have been stretched, and have had to rely on each other more than ever. We look forward to 2010 and the adventures it will bring. Thanks to all of our family and friends that have made 2009 a very memorable year. Here’s to 2010!

The following are a whole bunch of random pics that make me smile to look at!

I probably deserve the "Mom of the Year" award for letting Noah play with my undies while I fold laundry! Distraction is GREAT when it comes to getting chores done!

Christmas shopping at the mall, disguised as a penguin.

He won't go anywhere without his thumb!

Showing off his top "snaggle tooth" He now has 2 1/2 teeth on top!

Chubbers and daddy playing

Sad baby showing off his two bottom teeth. Nana Pam is so proud!

Noah loves bathtime!

Smiley Chub!


David and Liz Barham said...

That picture of Noah and Kelly is the cutest picture I've ever seen! Who am I kidding They're all the cutest pictures I've ever seen! I was so surprised to see a new blog from you..very exciting! Hopefully this will hold me for the next 2 years ;]

Aunt Pat said...

Way cute... glad that you are going to continue your education! Love you losts...

Barlow Fam said...

Michelle, where in the world have you been, I have missed you. when are we going to have a play date? Now that you are starting school again, when will you have time. It has been way to long!! Call me when you are open and will get together, you have such a cute family!!

Kakes said...

Hello, hello!

Your blog is adorable and the pics are to die for.

I am so sorry you had a migraine so bad that you had to go to the ER! That is rechid! You poor thing. However, congratulations on being accepted to the nursing program! That will be so exciting. You are so smart. You'll breeze right through it.