i like that boulder, thats a nice boulder.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So last weekend we went out snowshoeing with Michelle's parents. It was a blast, completely untouched beauty. We explored all up and out an din and down in these boulders, we (by we I mean Michelle and Pam) jumped off the boulders for a little fun. We had a great time. It was so beautiful and sunny on Saturday, God could not have blessed us with a better day! Thank you Lord! Thanks again to Pam and Gary for the great time. We look forward to going again soon. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:


Thursday, January 17, 2008

It is official. This February I will start a new job with Capital Church as a part time youth leader and part time designer. For those of you who don't know, Shelli and I have been volunteering tons of time into the youth as well as the hours I have helped put in to the design and image of Capital. Well, what has happened is something I did not think would be possible for several years to come. But, All things are God's and all control is in His hands, which means He had a different idea. This is an incredible opportunity; in short it might just actually be my dream job. To spend all my time dedicated to the things I care most about and want to be able to impact in this world. This will hopefully mean more time together for Michelle and I, as well as the benefits of working with youth and still having the opportunity to create design work for the Kingdom. A beautiful combination. I am excited for all God is going to do, and look forward with expectancy for what the future holds. God is so amazingly gracious. Might I also add a huge thanks to Michelle, my wonderful, ever-loving and supportive wife. Whom I love more then anything and would be nothing without.

transition and all things new

Monday, January 14, 2008

So suffice it to say, it has been a few days since the last post. My apologies. But in our defense, it has been quite busy, Dec 21: niece Hailey's birthday, Dec 24: Christmas Eve, Dec 25: Christmas, Dec 26: Pam's Birthday, Dec 30: nephew Tyler's Birthday, Dec 31: New Years Eve & youth lock-in, Jan 1st: New Years Day and recovery from youth lock-in, Jan 7th: Classes began, Jan 10th: Michelle's Birthday (round 1), Jan 12th: Michelle's Birthday (round 2) and now January 4th: Blog update day! See we aren't that far behind, all things considered.

So lets start with the early stuff: December Birthdays and Christmas. First of all Happy Birthday, though late, to our niece Hailey, who is growing up faster than Jack's beanstalk. So this was [Kelly's] first Christmas with Michelle's side of the family. And it was a lot of fun, though I did miss my family over the holidays as well, but they made it tons easier by braving the weather and coming up the weekend after Christmas and spending it with Michelle and I (Thank you again!). So Christmas with the Haskins starts with the Christmas Eve pajama party and carries over to the next morning with a visit from Santa and some morning present opening. fill in all the down time with tons of delicious homemade meals and it doesn't get any better than that. However somebody thought it would be even more fun to spread the stomach flu of death to the family for Christmas ([ahem] Lansings), that meant all that delicious food had to wait for New years as Michelle and I found the perfect from-fitting grooves of the Haskins couches, with regular trips to the restroom as we recovered. As horrible as the experience was, it was short-lived (lasting only about 48 hours) and we were back to about 80% by the 26th. The 26th being Pam's birthday, but I'll come back to that.

Lets finish Christmas first. I made quick mention of the pajama party, well I better be sure to point out I received the incredible Penguin pajamas courtesy of the Haskins. For those of you who don't know I am a bug fan of penguins, so these particular items were pretty much awesome. Every one else's pj's were okay too, i guess. Gary also made some incredible frames with some etched glass for us and added some items to Adrienne's nativity scene. Gary is a regular renaissance man, incredible at just about everything. In addition to all of that we had incredibly generous families who spoiled us with all kinds of clothes and cool gifts. Thank you to everybody. We have been blown away at the kindness and generosity of everyone in the family.

On Pam's birthday we went out to Tuscany, where I had never been. But we had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the incredible food (Notice the holiday eating theme, I think I weigh about 300lbs now, but I can't complain about having enough to eat, I'll say that much. Delicious food over the holidays.). Then we headed back to our apartment to open presents. It was alot of fun to be around for Michelle's families traditions and to be welcomed into the family with open arms. It has really made me feel a lot more comfortable, especially being away from my own side of the family. I am really thankful for such great and loving in-laws.

The following weekend we had Christmas with the Johnson half and though it was a short visit, it was extremely important for me. My parents brought up all the gifts from our family and we all opened presents together (speaking of which, for ya'll that are still waiting on gifts, we're getting them in the mail, I promise! Sorry we are slackers!). Thank you everybody for the amazing gifts! We again were just blown away! We spent the rest of the time shopping, enjoying some games, and watching football.

Next was Tyler's first birthday. Wow is that kid growing up fast! After Tyler's birthday we had teh Youth New Years Lockin (we showed up late, at approx. 1am, after enjoying some more amazing food at the Haskins, fondue, steak, yumm........... mmmm....mmmm.... wow.) where we spent all night playing games and not sleeping. We then spent all day a on New Years'... asleep. Then back to work on Wednesday!

Since New Years' Michelle turned a year older (Her birthday was a blast including three day celebration from the 10th of Jan until the 12th of Jan, special thanks to the Haskins for great dinners at Olive Garden and Cheesecake factory. Speaking of which , if you do plan on eating at the Cheescake Factory, make sure you plan 3 days in advance, because I am pretty sure that is the current wait for a table), started classes again and its back to the ol' daily grind. Michelle and I have been enjoying the New Year though it promises to be a packed one. Michelle has three classes this semester, two online, plus work and all the usual. So, needless to say, it will be busy. But hopefully, we'll find out in April, if she will get into nursing school and, once completed, be done with school for a while. We are waiting to hear back from Westminster and Weber State.

So now that it is the new year, that means the new years resolutions. This year: discipline. To be more disciplined in all endeavors. Health, work, play, everything. Well, at any rate, we're not off to the best start, but thats the wonderful thing about discipline: being disciplined means you don't stop or give up, no matter how discouraging you may start. Look like it might be a long year.

So, just for fun, how about the rest of you? What were your resolutions?

So that pretty much fills in the gaps from then 'til now. Until next post!