Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not once, I repeat, not once has Sam dropped the deuce about the house. This morning however, he independently made the decision that it was time. So our story begins...

I was curious this morning when Sam acted strangely distant and a little recluse, like stray cat trying to figure out whether or not to eat the food out of your hand. I thought little about it however. Shortly after I took the little rascal out for a potty break, but... nothing. Hmmmm... thats interesting. 

Upon my return inside I found the little trick-or-treat surprise. Trust me this was not a treat, not by any account. Plastered for about a three foot length up and down the walls and piled along the floor was an incomprehensible doggie poo-splosion! I swear I have no idea how in the world he managed such a mess, nor how he managed to produce such quantities of poo, I can however tell you that at 7am, mopping the piles of putrid doggie doo-doo off the floors and returning to scrub the smear of crap across the walls is not my idea of a good morning. 

I have to admit my weeks leading up to this event have not been on the positive end. It seems that one thing after another just falls apart. I can only hope that these things will turn around soon, but alas, today was just not that day. Following the poo-splosion I enjoyed my typical commute into work, listening to 101.9 the End, only to be interrupted by some beautiful red and blue lights. Did I say beautiful, sorry, I meant gut-wrenching and horrible. My bad. Yes , that is right - speeding. Might I add the exact numbers of the ticket: 60 in a 55. What!?!? 

Admittedly, it is my own fault I was speeding, and in all reality I was going higher than he recorded (I was probably going more like 64). I did however think the speed limit was 60mph (again, my own fault, but in my defense that is the speed in some places on this same highway). Its hard to swallow though when I watch the other people around me, as I go to and from work, weaving in and out of traffic and speeding well over the numbers I just mentioned, cutting people off and endangering lives without punishment. 

Oh well, what are you gonna do? Pay a ticket, I guess. 

What a fun day... and the chaos continues...


Adrienne said...

You guys sure talk about the bodily functions of that dog a lot!! He he he! I guess that's the life of a puppy....with a lot of energy!

Pat said...

This will get you prepared for the next big event... Baby poo!