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Friday, February 20, 2009

No Noah yet. At least not outside of his cozy, comfy little mommy sized home. We have a nursery for him all ready to go, however Noah prefers Mommy to the cold February weather. Maybe March will be more to his liking, or so we anxiously hope. The closing months seem to be a little rougher with the wicked crazy (and slightly evil) back pain and cramps. We keep thinking our little boy is going to come out and play an moment, but he doesn't, and so we wait. And wait. We don't want to wait. We are excited to see the little fella. He'll get here when he's good an ready I suppose.

It's an early lesson in parenting, as Shelli brought up, learning that we are not the ones to control our son. Help him grow and learn certainly; but we don't make his decisions for him, we can only help and teach. I pray we'll be good at that... that we'll be patient and loving. I know Mommy will be. She already is so much and more, how much more so with little Noah. She is such an amazing mother kind, patient, loving; so excited and enthusiastic. I love my wife's glow, even despite the uncomfortableness there is just such an aura of excitement and anticipation about her. She is amazingly beautiful.

So I suppose I pray that I will be patient and loving. I mean, I know I will love him, without a doubt; but I hope I am loving or that I show him that. I hope that I can be an example to my son. I hope that he can learn from my strengths and weaknesses and be a much better man than I was or am. I know he can be, but its his choice, all I can do is help... teach... love.

I am so excited beyond measure for his arrival. It's like when you were 8 years old and you first got the glimpse of all the Christmas presents under the tree. You ran down and scoped out the packages that had your name inscribed on their little festive tags. You wanted to tear them open in that moment, but you couldn't. It was still days until Christmas. So every day until Christmas morning you had to wait. Seeing those presents stacked there calling your name each day. Its kind of like that, only with a whole lot more excitement and we have know idea what day we get to open our little present. Oh, and Noah's not Christmas present, he's our son, that's a pretty substantial difference too.

Point is, I am excited. Excited to meet my son. Excited to hold him in my arms. Excited to see him grow, and play, and discover. Excited to be a Daddy. Whether today, tomorrow or whenever... I am excited.

Finishing Touches...

Thanks to Grandpa Gary for the amazing work on the frames.

My creative and crafty wife made the "NOAH" letters, aren't they amazing?

A 9 Month Wrap-Up

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Only a few more days left of sharing a body with my little one, and Kelly and I are getting more and more excited....and nervous to meet the little guy! Calling the last 9 months an "adventure" would be a gigantic understatement. It has been so challenging, yet so amazingly wonderful. It's one of the only times in my life that I will get excited about having an expanding waistline! I am in such awe at this amazing act of growing a little human being inside of me, and sharing literally everything with him! I've gotten a small taste of his temperament and personality, and despite the downs of pregnancy, the ups have been extraordinary!

We found out that we were expecting on our one year anniversary, and I don't think we actually believed those 3 pee-sticks, 2 blood tests, and ultrasound until about 2 months later!

I have perfected my sprint to the toilet in a desperate attempt to spare the carpet, and learned to eat things that I can manage the taste coming UP, as well as going down. I have also taken on a new look, sporting my hot new "cankles". (For those who are unaware of this phenomenon: The official definition, "1. having no defined ankle so that it appears that the calves are directly joined to the feet. 2. Fat ankles.")....yes, they are as sexy as they sound!

The migraines have been furious and have come with a vengeance. They truly have been out of control, and Kelly has been the most amazing in helping me manage the pain, nausea, and frustration of dealing with them. I praise God for a husband who has had so much compassion and love for me! I know that watching me deal with chronic pain is just as hard on him as it is on me. Thank you Kell. We have been to Labor and Delivery 3 times already this year to seek relief for my dreadful headaches, and needless to say, I'm pretty sure we're ready and well-acquainted with how to find our way around the maternity ward! (Kelly knows exactly where the snacks, drinks, and blanket warmers are!....he's willing to give tours if anyone's interested!)

Despite all of the woes of pregnancy, feeling and watching my belly roll around has brought so much joy to both Kelly and myself. Noah can knock an open book straight off of my belly with one fierce kick, and an "ouch" from me! I finish up with the last few days of pregnancy, I praise God for keeping me and Noah healthy for these past 9 months, for a husband who has comforted me, held my hair while I hovered over the toilet, and most importantly loved me unconditionally, for a family that have done SO much for us by pouring out wisdom, love, and endless gifts for the arrival of our son, and for friends who have joined with us in our excitement and the journey we are about to embark on. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing network of people for my son to be born into!

Here's to a great 9 months, and an even greater lifetime for our little boy!

My talented dad took some last pics of my prego belly. The next pics will be of baby Noah himself! (Sorry, I have no intention of posting post-baby-belly pics! You're disappointed, I know!)