Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Noah is growing up, and fast! It's hard to keep up with our little guy as he out grows outfit after outfit, starts to smile and make cute little noises. Noah has already outgrown the newborn category of clothing, only took 6 weeks, ha!

It's been fun to watch as he used to pull his tiny little legs up to his belly like a leaping frog right out of the legs of his pajamas. The poor pajamas were left with nothing but empty limp legs with a little scrunched up Noah inside the torso. Now he stretches out, reaches his arms above his head and nearly tears the same pajamas right in two. 

He's a strong one two! It's become increasingly difficult to dress him as he resists by clenching his fists to his chest in defiance. Little guy can pretty much hold his head up and when I lay on the couch with him on my chest he tries to turn himself in circles like a confused snake.

As exhausting as it can be, what fun it is!

Findin' our groove again

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wow. Time sure flies. I do realize it's been awhile since I've updated on our lives. It's not that I don't have time: it's the fact that pure exhaustion has taken over! I now realize how precious sleep is, and take every opportunity to nap, when (if) possible! I honestly have questioned my sanity at least 20 times in the last month: While driving, I was absolutely positive that I saw a blind man riding his bike. He had his stick in front of him, directing himself where to go. I told Kelly to look over there to see such a miraculous sight just to realize that my sleep-deprived eyes had deceived me, and made Kelly worry about my mental state. Later that week, Kelly happened to find my phone in the toaster....most likely where I had put it. Just today, as I was getting ready for the day, I found myself putting hair gel on my face instead of lotion. Not exactly the best option for my complexion.

I've learned in this last month that although being a mom isn't always pretty, it sure is beautiful! Our family has been down with a yucky cold the past couple of weeks, and sweet Noah has had the gooey green stuff coming out of his nose. I remember when Adrienne would pick Ty's boogers without a tissue, and think to myself, "hmmm....that's pretty gross". I get it now sis! Although using a tissue may be the preferred method, it's not always possible, and sometimes you just have to dig for it sans tissue! I've learned that there is an art to removing those far-up-there boogers with the baby booger bulb, and mustard-colored poo doesn't scare me in the least bit....In fact, bring it on! The satisfaction of such a sweet face makes all of the "gross" stuff seem a little less gross, and I praise God for such a beautiful little person to call my son. This is beautiful!
As I continue to learn about motherhood, I'll continue to laugh at myself and realize this is truly what it's all about!

My dad took these pics when Noah was about a week old. The "unwrapped" blue ribbon corresponds with the "wrapped" belly pics.

Pretty creative, right? Thanks Dad!

Happy 4 Years!

My sis and her hubby Travis are celebrating their 4th year of marriage today! Congratulations to you two! You are both amazing people and I'm so proud to call you fam! Thank you for being such a great example of commitment, love, and dedication for Kelly and I! I can't believe it's already been 4 years! Here's to another 70! I love you guys, and congrats!