We're Moving!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No, not like that... just the blog. With a recent foray of blogger and personal web domain issue we are transitioning our entire blog over to Wordpress. Don't worry we're still easy to find at http://jfamilyblog.wordpress.com. Eventually we'll work on password protecting our site, but until then you can read and follow along just as rarely as before - since we never post anything. By the way how is this for the most lame blog update after a four month hiatus?

This also means that any of you that currently have an email for Shelli or I that point to the @keldesignonline.com address is now utterly useless, so delete that from your address book.

That's all for now. More to come, but not here. No more to come here - ever. More there, so go there. Hurry, go now. Stop reading and do it already. No really, nothing past this point is worth reading. Stop. Now. Fine, I am not typing any more then, that'll show you. I'm done. No more. Starting right... n_


Anonymous said...

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