A Toothless Grin, well....only 2 less!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Today was the day Kelly lost his wisdom teeth. We went in at 10 this morning, and after 8 hours of pre-op fasting, 40 minutes of surgery, and 20 minutes of post-operative recovery (in which Kelly was rambling on about who knows what!) he survived! He is on a strict mush diet for the next few days. Guess I better whip out the blender! I've already been catching up on my jell-o and pudding-making skills! He has been a trooper through it all, and has been in good spirits, or maybe that's just the drugs. Nevertheless, he's on the road to recovery, and hopefully the tooth fairy is on the road to our house!

Here are some pics of the blessed day, as Kelly recovers from the procedure...white knuckled grip on his pain meds.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I've seen chipmucks with smaller cheeks! Glad to hear your family is on it's way to better health and fun. Love you Aunt Pat

Anonymous said...

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