life comes at you fast.

Monday, September 29, 2008


That statement has never rang more true in the Johnson household than it has in the last few months. The chaos of the summer was marked by the extreme family road trip, our first anniversary, two new family additions, and culminating in a new home. Yes, thats right, we're finally settled enough to post a blog about the new place. 

They say that three of the top five stressors in life include buying a new home (check), having a child (check), and changing job (check). I think one of the other two is getting married, so in the last year we have experienced three, four in the last two years. Stress, ha! I laugh in the face of stressors!

Chaos is an understatement. 

But it is sorting out now. We are finally just about settled in to the new home, we finally find out Peanut's gender this week (so get ready for a name not associated with with the vague embryonic resemblance), and Sam (the newest family member introduced in the prior post) has finally started to get the idea that peeing inside does not result in a happy outcome, though the little fella still manages to produce about six times as much urine in contrast to the amount of water he consumes. It is absolutely mind boggling! Shelli is getting into the rhythm of classes again, and my busy season at work is about a third of the way complete, culminating at Christmas, of course. 

Getting back on topic to the entire intent of this post which is, predictably, our new home. We purchased a condo as our first foray into the housing investment scene. God provided us with a brand new, beautiful little 1300 sq ft condo located in the desirable community of Daybreak in South Jordan, Utah. The only foreseeable downside thus far - the commute. 45 - 90 min. depending on the traffic along Bangerter Highway. A small price for the benefits, I promise. I would tell you more about it, but why don't you just check out the photos for yourself. 

We couldn't be more excited for the ways God has blessed us over the last few years. I can't thank him enough for my wonderful, beautiful, loving wife and healthy marriage, my adorable little baby on the way, an amazing new home, a leaky, yet cute little dog, a prefect job, and an unforgettable and amazingly generous community of friends and family. God is good and I can never forget that everything we have comes from him, and as little as I may understand at times about the why's and what's of what and how he works, I know my God and I know he is good and working all things for the good of those who love him. We would not have all we do if not for that. Thank God and all our friends and family for everything. 

Oh, and now that we have a place thats not an apartment, you'll have to come see us. 


jen said...

My dad lives in Daybreak...we'll have to come visit sometime when we're down there! Your condo looks great and I love Daybreak, I would love to live there (we've considered it) but Seth would have to get a job in SLC to make it worth it. For now we enjoy visiting grandma and grandpa there and taking advantage of the trails and pool, etc. with them.

Aunt Pat said...

Congratulations! Your new home looks great... so tease us about the new name for 'peanut'.... xoxo pat

Beki said...

The last few post are so funny! Your puppy is so cute! Boy? Girl? name? The pee thing.....not as bad as puppy poo....that is runny! It's just gross. But as the parents of the little ones, we get the joy of cleaning it up. Your house looks fantastic! Beautiful. You are going to be great parents! You guys are doing it! Adults...

Kali said...

It is soooooo cute! I need that specific invitation so I can come see you guys and your home. Ps. I stepped in a nice little present last night that the little pup left, now named Rusty. I think that was after the fire alarm went off at 4am and we had to call 911 so the firedepartment just loosened the doohickey bell so it wouldn't make noise though it continued to go off. fun and safe!!

Sawyer said...

Wow, what a lovely place! I bet you guys are enjoying that!