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Saturday, May 23, 2009

So I am currently about two days into my quarantine sentence. This means I have like 3 days left. It sounds longer when I say it aloud, I have to be honest. I am just extremely thankful for my family, especially my amazing wife, who has been there to peek her head in and see how I am doing and bring me jamba juice and make me food. This would be a lot harder without her. And, of course, the little man for whom I am hanging out in here to begin with - knowing I am keeping this dreadful illness away form him is well worth it.

Well that being said, the answer to your question is... yes. Oh my heavens, yes. I am bored out of my mind! Which is probably why I have lost it - wouldn't be having this problem if I had just stayed in it. Alas, I digress...

Welcome to the ramblings of isolation and medicinal hallucination.

Actually, it is rather hard to be in here all day - could be so much worse though. On one hand I want to get out and do something and yet on the other I lack motivation and strength. As my body is filled with medicines and allocates numerous resources to the viral battle raging within I find myself weary and unmotivated. However, every ounce of energy remaining in me wants to go run around outside and play like a 8 year old awaiting the bell for recess. It is amazing what conflict your body and mind can be in when working toward the same goal.

I have not been idle though. I have been taking my time to piece together a little photo journal of my fun and exciting day. One day I will blog about something relevant and worthwhile, don't you worry, but that day is not today. Today is about carefully worded nonsense. So far I have enjoyed a rousing day of cinematic entertainment...

And thanks to the modern marvel of television contained on digital video disc I have more than caught up on my Office trivia.

I plugged in some valuable literature time; expanding my knowledge and prowess so that I may converse among the elite high society. (why are you laughing?)

I have certainly performed my share of chemistry experiments...

I enjoyed some of the finer things in life - such as the joy of plucking the ol' six string. Mind you it's been a while and there was less plucking and more mashing. (If any of you watch the Simpsons (Ooo! I know what season series I'll be watching next (Hey! does lack of human contact cause ADD? (Wait! what was I talking about...))) do you remember the episode where Homer tries to get out of going to work by gaining several pounds and filing for disability? There is a part where Homer tries to use the phone but can't dial because his finger are too fat. The operator tells him "If you would like to order a special dialing wand, please mash the keypad now." Wow, did I really just write all that? why? Oh well, too late now I already typed it. Moving on...)

I did what I do often and dabbled in technology. Canon Rebel XSi, MacBook Pro, iPod Classic, iPhone, wireless mouse, all in a day. Did manage to get some work done, though found myself lacking motivation for much of it. Managed to do a blog post - er, umm... doing a blog post.

And finally, I decided what I needed to do most was find someone to talk to. I would like you to meet my little round-headed friend Morty. He is my solitary friend. He is kind of soft spoken and reserved but once you get him out of his shell he is a riot.

Well its time Morty and I got back to whatever it is we do (psst... its nothing. We do nothing! lame.) and bid you all adieu. But, before I do I wanted to mention one more thing I did today. I spent a lot of time thinking. I thought a lot about my family and friends and how valuable and amazing they are. I thought about how much I love them all, and how worthless everything is without them. I thought about what an amazing wife I have and what an adorable and healthy son we have been blessed with. I spend a lot of time thinking about them and every moment I am in here I miss them even more. I realize I am not far away - but I long to hold them both in my arms; God willing that will be sooner than later. I love them both with everything in me. For now I thank God for everything I have in my life.


Shelli said...

It's safer for me to tell you this via the web than in person!....
I'm glad you're staying entertained, and finding new friends! Noah and I love you and want you to get better very soon! (I'm pretty sure we're better company than Morty anyway. If not, then lie to me so I won't feel bad!)

allegri said...

I hope you are better now! We have been praying for you!!!

and yes... that episode of the simpsons is my favorite... with the "you've got - leprosy" episode in second ;)