Poo-Splosion Round Two

Friday, June 19, 2009

Many of you may remember "Poo-Splosion" Round One, when Sammy decided to decorate our living room with his intestinal contents. Pretty gross, I know. Prepare my friends, for "Poo-Splosion" Round Two!
Noah has failed to poop since Sunday. Today is Friday. Go ahead, count the days...One, Two, Three, Four Five. Five days of storing up for a blow-out! He's been incredibly grumpy, and even more gassy. (Can you blame him?) Kelly and I were getting a little concerned, so I called his pediatrician who wanted to see him. My wonderful mom took him in yesterday, while Kelly and I were at work. After a half of an hour of swooning the ladies in the waiting room, Noah was finally seen by the doctor. He said to try prune juice to get things moving along. My wonderful parents went to Harmon's and picked up the prune juice (ONLY prune juice), and in turn got some pretty great looks by the checker who obviously knew what prune juice is used for!
I syringe-fed Noah the juice last night because he refused to drink the nasty sauce voluntarily.
And so we wait.........
Much to my dismay, no poops in his morning diaper. Bummer. I lie him on the playmat in the bathroom while I take a shower, and 10 minutes later, I hear the most beautiful sound I could have hoped for! (I'll spare you the "Juicy" details!...no pun intended!)
Success! The diaper was full to the top, wall to wall with glorious (horrifically stinky) poop! I have a much happier baby who also weighs about 3 lbs. less now!
I should probably consider putting a disclaimer on our blog, considering this is probably too much info. However, these are the new joys and excitements of my life! Hooray for Motherhood!


jen said...

Oh, poor boy! I can only imagine how much better he must have felt after that! So glad that things are moving again. The joys of motherhood.

Pat said...

So glad that all are happy poopers now!

jen said...

I'm sitting here in bed, perusing the internet while everyone sleeps. I just heard one of the girls get up and start their CD player, and guess which CD they have playing? Your wedding cd. They play it all the time. "And the world will sing your love...."

Kelly, Michelle & Noah said...

Awww...Jen that made Kelly and I smile! :) I'm so glad they like it!