4 months young!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Noah celebrates his 4th month of life today!

Here's his stats from the pediatrician:
Weight: 16.0 pounds (74 percentile)
Height: 27.5 inches (99 percentile)......TALL little man!
Head Circumference: 17.5 (90 percentile)

*Mommy and Daddy (of course!!!)
*Laughing and Smiling with daddy
*Cuddling with mommy
*Playing with (and eating) his toy cow
*Sitting up in his Bumbo
*Standing (when we try to make him sit he becomes stiff as a board...He insists on standing!)
*Walks in the stroller
*Leg Massages at night time
*Bath time
*Sucking his thumb
*Being tickled
*Being held
*Hiding small animals in his chins
*Being naked (that better change before he's a teenager!!!)

*The car seat
*Taking naps
*Being put down
*The wrong temperature of his milk. We didn't realize an infant could be so picky about food temp!
*Tummy Time (He just growls at us the entire time!)

Still trying to figure out:
*Rice Cereal (pushing all of that food to the back of the mouth and swallowing is hard work!)
*Sammy (also known as annoying furball!). Noah doesn't quite know what to think about him.
*He's trying to figure out his world by putting everything into his mouth! This includes anything from his body parts, to toys, cameras, anything!
*Rolling over

Noah and his cow!

How many chins can you count?


allegri said...

Wow! Time really flies! He is HUGE!!!!

Aunt Pat said...

Cute little boy!

Beki said...

Shelli! Thanks so much for you're thank you card- how creative and great it looked!!! You two are so darling. and Noah is just the cutest ever! So.. we DO need to set up a play date! I would love it- and Max would too! How are you guys doing? How's Sammy doing?