Sorry Ladies, He's Taken!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our baby Noah is one week old today, and I can hardly believe how fast it has gone! Our life has been turned completely upside-down as we are learning the ins and outs of parenting to this new little person that we brought into the world. Sleepless nights, continuous migraines, and new-parent anxiety have worn us out, but brought us so much closer as a family.

This last week has given me an entirely new perspective on the man that I married. I have found so much respect, love, appreciation, admiration, and awe for all he does for me, and for Noah. Kelly would stop at nothing to protect and provide for us! Throughout my pregnancy, Kelly went to EVERY prenatal appointment. He rearranged his schedule because it meant that much to him. Noah has had jaundice, and already been to the pediatrian 3 times this past week, and despite being busy with work, he has been to them all...(He even came to the circumcision appointment! I think Kelly was in more pain as a spectator than Noah was!) Noah has also had a very hard time eating, and Kelly has woken up with us at night to help Noah with his "midnight munchies".
I have loved watching Kelly transform from an exceptional husband, to an exceptional dad as well. I love watching him hold his son, sing to him, and cuddle. I praise God for such a wonderful husband, and am so grateful that Noah has such a great daddy. Thank you Kelly, for loving us so much!

funny looks 2

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Round two. Nipple shields this time, Target again though, same odd looks and even a little more awkward than the first trip. Different Target however, so that's good. Glad I don't live in a small town anymore, can you imagine the speculation? Welcome to being a Daddy!

funny looks

Friday, March 6, 2009

You know that look, the one where you're in the store shopping - say, like a Target somewhere, like at the District in South Jordan - and you're minding own business in the baby section, but everyone is pulling that 180 degree head turn to see what in the world your doing.

You know what I am talking about, right? The one eyebrow raised like it thinks the eyeball stinks really bad or something. The other one scrunched down like its no longer wants to reside anywhere hear the forehead. The eyes focused in, pupils widening to make sure sufficient light is drawn in, as those same eyes try to look away in decency and respect, but can't due to the sheer oddity and absurdness of what they are seeing. Are ya with me on this? Do you know the look I am talking about? 

Well, just for the record if any of you men out there expect to one day visit a Target to purchase the much needed breast pump for your wife and baby - take them with you, it looks a little odd to be a lone male standing inquisitively in the bottle and breast pump aisle inspecting each brand and type of pump with utmost precision and accuracy to ensure the most efficient product is purchased. Its okay with video games, its expected. Its okay with cars, its needed. It is not okay with breast pumps, apparently... its a little weird.

Noah Lukas Johnson

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Entering the world at 12:08pm on March 3, 2009 weighing at a whopping 9 lbs. and 14 ounces and measuring 23 inches: Noah Lukas Johnson! 26 hours total hours of labor, 41 weeks of pregnancy - I guess he was well done! Little man didn't want to come out, but Momma powered through it and did incredibly! I am so impressed and proud of my wifey and Noah's Mommy - not to mention I am pretty convinced she has eternal exclusive bragging rights the the "10" score on the 1-10 pain scale. I am never touching that one!

Here are some photos of the new little guy. He is incredibly cute, and yes... I am biased, so not only is he cute, he is the cutest little man ever! And so now its time to rest for momma and me it has been a long time since sleep, and since we know it only gets more limited from here - we are both going to grab some nap time while we can. Thanks for all your prayers and love!