Whatever happened to holly and snowflakes?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas is coming fast! (A little too fast, actually!) I love this time of year: the smells, the lights, the snow (unless you live in Utah-Ha!) the love, the joy, the excitement. Kelly and I decorated our house all festive, and filled it with Christmas candles....love it! We still have yet to buy a REAL tree, that's the next thing on the list to do. Hopefully this weekend! (Please pray that Sam won't chew on it, demolish it, knock it over, or pee on it!) We have a little tradition of getting a new ornament every year to adorn our tree. Hopefully 30 years from now it will be so original and "us"-something we can cherish, enjoy and have to remind us of the fun memories of our journey as a family. (Sidenote: this is what my parents' tree looks like. It has so many different ornaments from all of their years together, and to top it off....a homemade star that I made when I was about 5 years old! --At least, I think it's a star!-- Their tree is one of my favorite parts of Christmas!) In my quest for some cool Christmas ornaments, and decorations I came across some not-so-traditional...and quite creepy Christmas decorations. Deck the halls with......Eek!

I'm pretty sure this Santa was drinking something other than milk with his cookies. What is in that gold package, anyway?

Did I miss the part in the Bible where the manger scene was at a KFC?
Nightmares in Evergreen.

One of Santa's elves gone VERY astray.

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a pile of poop hanging from the boughs of your tree.

Did this Santa tie the other Santa up? He's looking a little mischevious, isn't he? This brings new light to the song "He sees you when you're sleeping...." Eek!

This ornament needs no explanation. Pure creepiness. What is it, anyway?

What is this little elf thinking? He's probably been hanging out with the creepy, kidnapping Santa above.

What a beautiful mantle-piece. Any takers?

I am beginning to understand how penguins feel

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Penguins happen to be Kelly's favorite animal....yes, the awkwardly shaped, funny looking, waddley little creatures. What a funny idea, to create penguins. Next to the duck-billed platypus, I think they are one of the weirdest little animals. However, I now understand why Kelly likes me in my current state: I am awkwardly shaped, a little funny looking, and a waddley walker. Perhaps God created penguins so that pregnant women could have something to empathize with, or maybe use for reference on days of excessive awkwardness? Whatever the reason, I welcome Week 28 of pregnancy and all of the joys and hardships that come with it, including being confused with a penguin.

Housing the "little one" truly has been so much fun. I love feeling him wiggle inside of me, and miss the hours of absence when he's resting...(I'll admit, I have poked him a few times, just so he would poke back and entertain me!....Sshhh....don't call Child Protective Services!) Kelly and I have been learning a lot and preparing for the arrival of our little baby boy. There is so much I have yet to learn, and I am sure that 99% of that will come from experience, but it's hard not to get a little nervous about being completely and utterly responsible for the life of another human being. Kelly has been the absolute most amazing husband and friend during my pregnancy. He has cherished my expanding waistline, tickled my sore back, held my hair when my head was lodged in the toilet-puking up breakfast, lunch, or dinner...take your pick, and NOT ONCE called me a "crazy, hormonal, moody, grumpy, pregnant lady" when I am a crazy, hormonal, moody, grumpy, pregnant lady. What a guy! Thank you Kelly for loving me in my hormonal nuttiness! These last 28 weeks have been pure joy, (with a little exhaustion and sickness mixed in there!) I look forward to 12 more weeks of penuin waddles, and even moreso, the arrival of the little bambino, whom will be cry-free, poop-free, and have his own job by the time he's one, I'm sure of it! And I promise, I won't poke him to play with me once he's here!

POP! goes the belly!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I don't usually feel inclined to post pics of my body (which is super-hot at the present time) online, but I have had a few requests of friends wanting to see the growing tummy. I only started taking pics the last few weeks. However, it is within the last few weeks that I have "popped" perse.
What a fun adventure this has been! Our little baby has become very active, especially at nighttime! He's got some pretty sweet taebo skills, which he reminds me of almost hourly! I thank God for this little guy growing inside of me, and look forward to the rest of my baby-cookin', and finally getting to meet him in February!

22 Weeks

23 Weeks

24 Weeks

Rock Your mullet off!

I must say, I have never seen someone pull off a mullet so well as Kelly! Maybe it's the honky-tonk in me, or maybe because I'm a product of the '80's, but Kelly's mullet this weekend only stimulated by gag reflex twice!
We went to our church's Halloween party on friday for the 20-30 yr old couples. We had fun, and enjoyed dressing up 80's rock style, for which we were awarded "Coolest Costume"! The highlight of the evening, however, was when Kelly rocked so hard that he actually rocked his mullet OFF....I'm not sure that that's something to be proud or embarassed about, but nevertheless, it's a title that not many people can claim! We hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween!

Pumpkins, turtles and Sams, oh my!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Ah, that wonderful time of year when you can dress up as anything you want and nobody will give you that awful glance that makes you wonder why you didn't just go ahead and wear the straight-jacket. You can be your favorite superhero or you can even make one up. Like those days of your youth when you would run around the house in your underwear with a towel safety-pinned around your neck jumping from couch to couch. I know I wasn't the only one exercising his imagination as a child, c'mon, what's your story?

Well, we took our little nephew Tyler out on loan for Tuesday night to go play at Capital's "Fall Fest" which was themed around "Slime Time". It had a great turnout, was a ton of fun, and Tyler had a blast. There were fun games, prizes and even some Bible stories. The best part: Tyler was the cutest dang little turtle ever. his adorable hat and velcro shell - I have to admit I was slightly jealous of the rockin' costume. 

We had a blast hanging out at the fall fest, but Tyler plum tuckered us out, not to mention himself. By the time the night came to a close we were all walking out of the church like a hoard of zombies. Thanks for the Tyler loan Lansings, it would've been a little awkward for us, me especially, playing the games without him... I mean, I had... errr, he had so much fun. 

Welp. Halloween is tomorrow, so we decided its about time to get some jack-o-lanterns out. Kind of like going out to get your Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve. Just for the record Pumpkin selection the day before Halloween gets a D+ grade at best. 

We hopped in the truck and cruised on down to the ol' pumpkin patch only to find several pumpkins we wanted nothing to do with. Gang green, cancer and leprosy had ravaged the pumpkin population like a relapse of the plague. After sorting through the graveyard of orange and death, we found the pick of the litter and decided that we should just go someplace else. Off to Harmons!

3 stores, 2 large pumpkins, 1 tiny pumpkin, 2 classic halloween costume ideas and attire to bring it to fruition, some sore feet and hungry tummies later and we were back home and ready to carve some pumpkins... right after we eat. 

After eating we dug in - literally. Once we finished up with the fun part: scooping and shoveling pumpkin sludge, the intricate, methodical and precise facial carving began. Alright, whatever, we carved in to those little orange spheres with reckless abandon, slicing and dicing like a chef at Beni Hana's. What transpired was a cute little family of pumpkins all lit up with teas candles smiling an looking as goofy and happy as can be. Even Sam got into the action trying to carve Noah's pumpkin with his teeth. 

Don't forget to notice the detail and accuracy portrayed in the faces carved into these pretty lil pumpkins. Baby Noah on the Right, Goofy Shelli in the middle, and Clueless Kelly on the left.

As much as this holiday brings a lot of confusion and conflict, and even things I may not agree with, I have to admit that there are a lot of fun, and healthy things to enjoy and its a great time to bond together with your family and just enjoy the good things. Shelli and I have a tradition of always carving pumpkins together and I have to admit I look forward to it every year. There is a unique silliness and playfulness that always transpires. 

I can't wait to share these things, among others, with my son. As each day grows closer to his arrival I grow more and more excited for what the future brings. Holidays take on new perspectives, our traditions and what we want to pass on to our children become clear, as does what we don't. 

This is an exciting time and I am thankful for a silly family, a fun wife, and a little bawling baby boy on the way. 

Happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

For the majority of you who aren't thoroughly aware, I work in downtown Salt Lake City for a church called Capital Church. I split the majority of my time between two jobs: Creative Director and Youth Leader. 

Well, being on the inside I get all the juicy info... actually I get none, but regardless, thats not the point. This weekend we have a pretty cool opportunity to hear from a up and coming author Margaret Feinberg. She accepted our invite to speak at all 3 of Capital's services this weekend! Woohoo! Although I haven't read a full book of hers (i know, i know, how lame is it to recommend an author who's book you have never finished?) I have read much of her blog and numerous excerpts from her books, and she is an extremely entertaining and enjoyable author from what I have read. Her most recent books include Organic God and The Sacred Echo among others. If you get the chance to catch one of them I highly recommend it. 

Anyhow, all that to say if anyone would like to sit in on her messages this weekend (Sat Night (25th) at 6pm pr Sun (26th) at 9:15am or 11am) at Capital, I invite you to join us. Should be a good time. 

you can find out a little more at www.capitalchurch.com


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This little phrase happens to be Adrienne and Travis' favorite thing to hear in the morning...ok, so maybe that's not true, but I sure have been saying it a lot this last week! I don't know if it's the cold weather, the shorter days, or just that everyone's having way too much fun (thanks for the invite!) but everywhere I look someone else is lazily resting away. In the meantime, I'm most likely scrubbing toilets, doing dishes, or cleaning up more doggie poo. (Notice there's no pics of Shelli here! Hehe!)
I love all of my sleepy little friends, and wish you the best dreams! Zzzzzzz...........

Ty-Ty and Uncle "Ki-Ki" taking a snooze. This must be the position for the cool guys to sleep in!

Grandma Pam got Sam this little soccer ball that he LOVES and plays with endlessly, at least until he's too pooped to continue playing!

"baby no-no"

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Its a boy!!! Noah Lukas Johnson is his name, or as Tyler so eloquently put it "baby No No." 

Per our ultrasound today we are expecting to see a healthy, beautiful little baby boy enter this world on February 23rd (yup, it was moved up again!). 


Not once, I repeat, not once has Sam dropped the deuce about the house. This morning however, he independently made the decision that it was time. So our story begins...

I was curious this morning when Sam acted strangely distant and a little recluse, like stray cat trying to figure out whether or not to eat the food out of your hand. I thought little about it however. Shortly after I took the little rascal out for a potty break, but... nothing. Hmmmm... thats interesting. 

Upon my return inside I found the little trick-or-treat surprise. Trust me this was not a treat, not by any account. Plastered for about a three foot length up and down the walls and piled along the floor was an incomprehensible doggie poo-splosion! I swear I have no idea how in the world he managed such a mess, nor how he managed to produce such quantities of poo, I can however tell you that at 7am, mopping the piles of putrid doggie doo-doo off the floors and returning to scrub the smear of crap across the walls is not my idea of a good morning. 

I have to admit my weeks leading up to this event have not been on the positive end. It seems that one thing after another just falls apart. I can only hope that these things will turn around soon, but alas, today was just not that day. Following the poo-splosion I enjoyed my typical commute into work, listening to 101.9 the End, only to be interrupted by some beautiful red and blue lights. Did I say beautiful, sorry, I meant gut-wrenching and horrible. My bad. Yes , that is right - speeding. Might I add the exact numbers of the ticket: 60 in a 55. What!?!? 

Admittedly, it is my own fault I was speeding, and in all reality I was going higher than he recorded (I was probably going more like 64). I did however think the speed limit was 60mph (again, my own fault, but in my defense that is the speed in some places on this same highway). Its hard to swallow though when I watch the other people around me, as I go to and from work, weaving in and out of traffic and speeding well over the numbers I just mentioned, cutting people off and endangering lives without punishment. 

Oh well, what are you gonna do? Pay a ticket, I guess. 

What a fun day... and the chaos continues...

life comes at you fast.

Monday, September 29, 2008


That statement has never rang more true in the Johnson household than it has in the last few months. The chaos of the summer was marked by the extreme family road trip, our first anniversary, two new family additions, and culminating in a new home. Yes, thats right, we're finally settled enough to post a blog about the new place. 

They say that three of the top five stressors in life include buying a new home (check), having a child (check), and changing job (check). I think one of the other two is getting married, so in the last year we have experienced three, four in the last two years. Stress, ha! I laugh in the face of stressors!

Chaos is an understatement. 

But it is sorting out now. We are finally just about settled in to the new home, we finally find out Peanut's gender this week (so get ready for a name not associated with with the vague embryonic resemblance), and Sam (the newest family member introduced in the prior post) has finally started to get the idea that peeing inside does not result in a happy outcome, though the little fella still manages to produce about six times as much urine in contrast to the amount of water he consumes. It is absolutely mind boggling! Shelli is getting into the rhythm of classes again, and my busy season at work is about a third of the way complete, culminating at Christmas, of course. 

Getting back on topic to the entire intent of this post which is, predictably, our new home. We purchased a condo as our first foray into the housing investment scene. God provided us with a brand new, beautiful little 1300 sq ft condo located in the desirable community of Daybreak in South Jordan, Utah. The only foreseeable downside thus far - the commute. 45 - 90 min. depending on the traffic along Bangerter Highway. A small price for the benefits, I promise. I would tell you more about it, but why don't you just check out the photos for yourself. 

We couldn't be more excited for the ways God has blessed us over the last few years. I can't thank him enough for my wonderful, beautiful, loving wife and healthy marriage, my adorable little baby on the way, an amazing new home, a leaky, yet cute little dog, a prefect job, and an unforgettable and amazingly generous community of friends and family. God is good and I can never forget that everything we have comes from him, and as little as I may understand at times about the why's and what's of what and how he works, I know my God and I know he is good and working all things for the good of those who love him. We would not have all we do if not for that. Thank God and all our friends and family for everything. 

Oh, and now that we have a place thats not an apartment, you'll have to come see us. 

A look back in time...and regretting it!

Being on the road to motherhood, I've been thinking about all the things I want to do and share with my children: the love of Christ, the love of family and friends, family vacations, horseback riding, soccer games, dancing, holiday traditions, and of course good looks, which will most likely come from Kelly's side! :)
It will be fun to look back at old pictures with my kids and see all of the fun places we have been, as well as the goofy hairstyles and make-up that we thought were oh-so-HOT! (Who wouldn't?!)
I happened to stumble upon this website called http://www.yearbookyourself.com/ where I could take a blast into the past and see how glamorous Kelly and I would have looked in the 50's and up. I suddenly decided that maybe I will reserve my pictures and yearbooks for private purposes only. I don't want to traumatize my children too soon!


A match made in heaven!


My hair is not to be confused with a football
helmet. It really is supposed to be hair, I think!

Between the 2 of us , we would have gone through at least 4
4 cans of hairspray a day!

Nice.....mullet......Kelly! (At least I didn't post
the real pic of him and his mullet!) One word: H-O-T!
Back off ladies! He's a married man!

And finally, who could forget the bangs!? Girls, don't you
remember perfecting these beauties every morning?
Curling iron, ratting brush, and a WHOLE lot of hairpray,
and you're on your way to the perfect bangs!